Selecting the best compositions of a wheelchair basketball team: a data-driven approach

Gabriel Calvo, Carmen Armero, Bernd Grimm, Christophe Ley

Research output: Working paperPreprint


Wheelchair basketball, regulated by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation, is a sport designed for individuals with physical disabilities. This paper presents a data-driven tool that effectively determines optimal team line-ups based on past performance data and metrics for player effectiveness. Our proposed methodology involves combining a Bayesian longitudinal model with an integer linear problem to optimise the line-up of a wheelchair basketball team. To illustrate our approach, we use real data from a team competing in the Rollstuhlbasketball Bundesliga, namely the Doneck Dolphins Trier. We consider three distinct performance metrics for each player and incorporate uncertainty from the posterior predictive distribution of the longitudinal model into the optimisation process. The results demonstrate the tool's ability to select the most suitable team compositions and calculate posterior probabilities of compatibility or incompatibility among players on the court.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 5 Oct 2023

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