Etude biochimique comparative des "Actin Depolymerizing Factors"(ADFs) d'Arabidopsis : activité inattendue de pontage des filaments d'actine pour les ADFs appartenant à la sous-classe III

Stéphane Tholl

    Research output: Types of ThesisDoctoral Thesis


    [Comparative biochemical analysis of Arabidopsis Actin-Depolymerizing Factors (ADFs) - Unexpected actin-crosslinking activity for subclass III ADFs]
    Actin cytoskeleton organization and dynamics are tightly regulated by many actin-binding proteins (ABPs). Among ABPs, the actin-depolymerizing factors (ADFs) play a major role in actin filament turnover by promoting actin filament severing and facilitating pointed end depolymerization. Arabidopsis thaliana has 11 functional proteins that can be classified into four subclasses according to their expression profile and phylogenetic relationships. We provide evidence that subclass III ADF5 and ADF9 are unconventional ADFs since they do not display typical actin filament depolymerizing activities. Instead, they exhibit opposite activities with a surprisingly high ability to stabilize and crosslink actin filaments into long and thick actin bundles both in vitro and in live cells. Competition experiments with ADF1 support that ADF9 antagonizes the depolymerizing activity of conventional ADFs. We report the characterization of a not yet described knockout Arabidopsis mutant. Data strongly suggests a role for ADF9 in cell elongation. Indeed, hypocotyls are significantly longer in adf9 mutant than in wild- type seedlings, and this phenotype is enhanced in dark growth conditions in which the ADF9 gene is normally preferentially expressed. The analysis of hypocotyl epidermal cells indicates that this phenotype is essentially due to an increase of cell expansion. Surprisingly, adf9 seedlings exhibit shorter roots than control plants, suggesting a complex link between actin cytoskeleton organization and cell elongation. Finally, the reduced ability of adf9- derived calli to proliferate supports a role for ADF9 in cell division as well.
    Original languageFrench
    • Steinmetz, André, Supervisor
    • Thomas, Clément, Supervisor
    Award date2 Mar 2012
    Publication statusPublished - 2 Mar 2012

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