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This DTU program will investigate different disease models to study immune-metabolic crosstalk and understand how communication networks orchestrate and coordinate responses to environmental cues or immunological challenges. Multidisciplinary research teams will be required for building accurate disease models and allowing effective personalized prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies. The different projects can rely on the previously built expertise of the host institutions, as well as collaborations established in previous DTUs. This will result in high-level training of PhD students that will be formed to work interdisciplinarily, linking big data analysis with ultimately personalized treatment options. Future researchers must learn how to use these datasets to tailor the important information to the needs of their innovative projects. This seems to be especially important for research on such a multi-cellular and molecular network as the immune system, which when deregulated, can result in the establishment of a plethora of devastating disorders. NEXTIMMUNE-2 aims to bridge classical immunology and big-data analysis science in one doctoral training and education environment.
AcronymNextimmune-2 (Program Management)
Effective start/end date1/01/23 → 30/06/29


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