Stay Healthy-Cardiovascular Risk Prevention-Young50

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The aim of the Stay Healthy - Cardiovascular Risk Prevention — YOUNG50 (EU funded project) is to transfer the Italian best practice CARDIO50 project to Lithuania, Romania, and Luxembourg among 50-years-olds. The objectives of CARDIO50 are to estimate cardiovascular risk among the 50-year-old population, identify persons with inadequate life styles, new cases of hypertension, hyperglycemia and hypercholesterolemia, activate an integrated model of assistance to help modify or reduce risk factors among healthy subjects, promote interventions to change unhealthy lifestyles, and increase knowledge and perceptions of CVD risks among the general population.
YOUNG50 aims to promote the prevention of cardiovascular diseases by transferring the Italian screening model CARDIO 50 within the MSs of the European Union. YOUNG50 will not only increase the screening for cardiovascular diseases risk factors, but it will facilitate the mapping, development and promotion of information, education and counselling activities for health promotion and cardio-vascular disease prevention in different EU countries.
Specific project objectives are:
• Adapt and export the CARDIO50 screening model to other participating EU Member States (Lithuania, Romania, and Luxembourg).
• Reduce risk factors of cardio-vascular diseases through changes in lifestyles.
• Refine the model to achieve maximum performance, sustainability and dissemination.
Effective start/end date15/09/2131/07/23


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