Scientific collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Science

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LIROMS has established a performance contract with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to fulfil its mission. The latter is defined as follows: "... to deliver scientific, economic and societal value for Luxembourg by performing research, studies and developments in the fields of sports medicine, sports science, sports surgery and sports rehabilitation, summarized below as sports-related research." LIROMS activities lead to the generation of new knowledge in disease and injury mechanisms, epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment of sports-related human injuries and diseases, health benefits of physical activity, as well as human performance across the lifespan and for all levels of sports practice."
LIROMS acknowledges the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), via its Human Motion, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Digital Methods (HOSD), as one of its main collaborators to develop research activities as outlined in its performance contract 2020-2021 with the Ministry of Higher Education, Luxembourg (MESR). In particular, the following research domains are expected to benefit from the collaborations between LIH and LIROMS:
1. Human movement analysis in health disease (sports and rehabilitation biomechanics)
2. Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation
3. Sports Science and athletic performance
4. Epidemiology of sports injury and disease
5. Health benefits and the role as outcome or diagnostic biomarker of physical activity.
Through its research units, LIH is able to contribute to joint projects with the LIROMS by involving technological and human resources, as outlined in the budget proposition in the annexes and further described below.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/23


  • Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics: €205,000.00
  • Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics: €194,000.00
  • Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics: €182,000.00
  • Luxembourg Institute of Research in Orthopedics: €92,311.00


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