Risk assessment for influenza D in Europe

  • Ducatez, Mariette F. (PI)
  • Verheije, Helene (CoPI)
  • Snoeck, Chantal (CoPI)
  • Zohari, Siamak (CoPI)
  • Saegerman, Claude (CoPI)
  • Foni, Emanuela (CoPI)

Project Details


The main aim of the project is to develop an integrated approach to assess the emergence threat associated with influenza D viruses’ circulation in Europe to pave the way towards development of effective strategies for diagnosis and control of the disease.
The objectives of the project, reflecting the 4 scientific workpackages, are:
- WP1: Evaluating the diversity, sensitivity and specificity of influenza D detection methods;
- WP2: Assessing the virus host range and tissue tropism, including in human;
- WP3: Assessing influenza D virus geographical distribution in Europe;
- WP4: Assessing the risk of influenza D virus in Europe: risk of transmission between countries, between species, including to humans.
AcronymEFSA Partnering Grant
Effective start/end date21/02/1820/02/20


  • European Food Safety Authority: €17,150.00


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