Predictive and personalized medicine of pancreatic cancer

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The CancerProfile multidisciplinary project brings together highly complementary translational research institutes to develop a novel standard of patient stratification for predictive and personalized medicine of pancreatic adenocarcinoma cancer. The overall objective is to fully integrate cutting-edge AI-augmented anatomopathology, genomics, and tissue/liquid biopsy analysis in conjunction with functional drug response of tumors, to derive biomarkers indicative of a predictive treatment choice. We will apply an innovative Personalized Functional Profiling (PFP) proprietary technology consisting of direct large-scale analysis of the sensitivity of 3D-printed spheroids derived from patient biopsies in response to a panel of EMA and FDA approved anti-cancer chemotherapeutics. Overall, the objective is to clinically validate new prognostic markers and identify alternative treatment options for tumors resistant to standard chemotherapies.
Effective start/end date1/01/2230/01/26


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