Natural Killer cells and MAIT cells in chronic lung inflammation: effectors and/or exosome releasers?

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    Human antigen peptide transporter (TAP)-deficient patients suffer from chronic bacterial infections of the airways and bronchiectasis[17]. NK cells are non-functional in TAP-KO mice [18]and we speculate that this might increase their susceptibility to bacterial infections. However, TAP1-KO mice show no obvious phenotype under SPF conditions. We will challenge TAP-KO mice with several lung pathogensand monitor chronic colonization and development of lung lesions. A straight focus will be on the roles of NK cells and Treg cells with the aim to elucidate their functionality in the anti-bacterial immune reactions.We hypothesize that exosomes might be involved in these processes[19, 20]andthe significance of exosomes formation/function in NK cellsfor cellular communication with Treg cells, the formation of cytotoxic exosomes in the context of TAP-deficiency will be investigated.
    AcronymNEXTIMMUNE (Neha Patil)
    Effective start/end date15/03/1714/03/21


    • FNR - Fonds National de la Recherche: €169,500.00


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