National Centre of Translational Cancer Research

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The objective of the National Center of Translational Cancer Research (NCTCR) is to improve Patient Care by providing to all patients in Luxembourg access to state-of-the-art individually tailored cancer care and treatments and patient-centred prevention. Clinical Research for precision oncology will focus on developing advanced tools for comprehensive characterisation of individual tumours and patient monitoring leading to the conception of Clinical Studies examining the efficacy of emerging treatment approaches. The NCTCR will promote and adopt a joint coordination structure between clinical and research partners. Establishing this formal link between the hospitals and research institutions will support the certification of a Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Luxembourg, thereby offering the highest quality standards and advanced treatment options for cancer patients. In five proposed Flagship Programs, the NCTCR will drive patient-oriented research towards precision oncology by (i) genetic stratification, (ii) advanced personalized modelling, (iii) digital patient monitoring, (iv) detailed prevention and care evaluation, and (v) access to trial-based therapies. Here, we propose the establishment of a sustainable national centre promoting comprehensive cancer care empowered by scientific methodology and emerging technologies. Collectively, we aim to improve cancer management in Luxembourg beyond standard of care and provide the means for fact-based intervention and prevention measures within the health care system. In the Report of the Mission Board for Cancer prepared for the European Commission, the set-up of Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures within and across EU Member States was strongly recommended as they critically increase the quality of research and care. For Luxembourg, the notion of the research-care continuum in oncology was already shared in the first and reinforced in the second National Cancer Plan giving rise to the present proposal.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22


  • FNR - Fonds National de la Recherche: €250,000.00


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