MS-based proteomic approach to characterize phosphosignaling in glioblastoma

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Understanding the phospho-signalling dynamics in cancer cell is essential for the development of more effective and improved cancer treatments.In this proposal, by means of Phospho-Proteomics tools, we aim to give a comprehensive and detailed picture of aberrant phospho-signalling events in Glioblastoma. In order to meet this goal, a new Mass Spectrometry method, allowing phospho-site characterization with superior accuracy, will be developed. In particular, our experiments will focus on the comparison of the phosphorylation dynamics of EGFR wild type and EGFRVIII mutant in presence and absence of the ligand. Furthermore, the experiments will be expanded for the characterization of phospho-signalling dynamics of AKT and MAPK pathways for better understanding of the mechanisms responsible for Glioma cell line proliferation and drug resistance.
AcronymPinpointing Glioblastoma Phospho-Sites
Effective start/end date1/10/1730/09/19


  • FNRS - Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique: €168,700.00


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