Improving oral hormonal therapy adherence in breast cancer survivors – eHealth as a new intervention tool

  • Fagherazzi, Guy (PI)
  • Huiart, Laetitia (PI)
  • Goetzinger, Catherine (PhD Student)

Project Details


This research project’s main objective is to increase Oral Hormonal Therapy (OHT) adherence among Breast Cancer (BC) survivors by providing personalized real-time support. To reach this goal the following objectives have been worked out:
1. To assess BC survivors’ and healthcare providers’ beliefs, attitudes, needs and expectations towards OHT management and towards e-health intervention acceptability to monitor medication adherence.
2. To investigate barriers and facilitators towards the use of such a personalized real-time support intervention for BC survivors.
3. To co-design E-dherence with BC survivors and healthcare providers.
4. To evaluate the efficacy and feasibility of E-dherence within a pilot clinical trial.
AcronymE-dherence 2019-2
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/22


  • Lions Clubs International: €75,000.00


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