Implement in Luxembourg a novel LC-MS method to measure M6A

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Predicting outcome of patients after an acute cardiovascular event remains a challenging task. Novel biomarkers can undoubtedly provide an added value for this task. In addition to traditional protein biomarkers of cardiac injury (e.e. troponins), RNAs have appeared as an interesting class of novel biomarkers with the potential to advance personalized medicine and improve patient’s outcome. The discovery, validation and clinical use of RNA biomarkers rely first on their measurement in blood samples. Until now a manual, time-consuming and costly technique was used to extract RNAs from biological samples, which is the first step of their detection and quantification in biological fluids. A novel technology named KingFisher™ Duo Prime Purification System sold by the company ThermoFischer Scientific allows a semi-automated extraction process of RNAs from biological samples. In addition to a gain of time and enhanced reproducibility, this technology is less expensive than other currently used manual methods.
We apply for funding to the Fondation Coeur – Daniel Wagner to purchase the KingFisher™ Duo Prime Purification System, together with a laptop, an incubator for the digestion step with proteinase K and a multichannel pipet especially dedicated to this technology.This will allow performing reproducible, less expensive and high-quality RNA extractions which are the basis of virtually all research projects of the Cardiovascular Research Unit.
Effective start/end date1/01/2030/04/21


  • Fondation COEUR Daniel Wagner: €70,500.00


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