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The European Clinical Research Infrastructures network (ECRIN) is a public, non-profit organization that links scientific partners and networks across Europe to facilitate multinational clinical research. ECRIN provide sponsors and investigators with advice, management services and tools to overcome hurdles to multinational trials and enhance collaboration.
Without excluding industry-sponsored studies, ECRIN focuses its work on the conduct of independent trials, across all disease and topic areas. These trials provide unbiased assessment of preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions that might not otherwise be investigated. Focus areas include:
• Development of innovative health products
• Exploration of new indications for authorised health products
• Comparative assessment of efficacy and safety of approved healthcare strategies

LIH/CIEC is a scientific partner and European correspondent for ECRIN in Luxembourg, with the following main roles:
1. Support in multinational clinical trials
• Providing information & consultancy: logistical assessments, budget estimation, regulatory & ethics information
• Providing services: feasibilities, regulatory & ethics submissions, monitoring, project management, pharmacovigilance
• Communication between EuCos and the ECRIN coordination office
2. Participation in various ECRIN activities (ECRIN Data center audits, quality procedures…)
3. Management of clinical studies in Luxembourg and Belgium (regulatory & ethics submissions, management of CRAs (in-house & outsourced), project management, local pharmacovigilance)
Effective start/end date1/01/15 → …


  • ECRIN: €70,000.00
  • ECRIN: €52,000.00
  • ECRIN: €50,000.00
  • ECRIN: €35,500.00
  • ECRIN: €69,000.00
  • ECRIN: €121,500.00


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