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Tele-healthcare solutions are at the verge of changing medicine due to their efficiency, objectiveness, personalization, and their trans-sectoral and multidisciplinary nature. Three types of research are required to successfully implement such services into real-life healthcare: a) technical validation research proving that wearable sensors provide correct parameters or medical information; b) clinical validation research exploring medical relevance of the technologies; and c) implementation research proving the usability, clinical decision support and applicability for real-life healthcare. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is an ideal model disease to proof-test the tele-healthcare services and applications due to its broad symptomatic characteristics, chronic and progressive disease journeys and timely resolution of medical intervention requirements ranging from minutes to months.
The objective of PEARL is to generate innovative digital health pathways for each relevant therapy goal in PD care. The customized home-monitoring technology to be applied, will address individual needs of PD patients during their disease journey and will allow for managing interdisciplinary healthcare workflows.
The project will focus on testing the disease-related symptoms, such as sensor-based gait analysis, cardiopulmonary regulation, cognitive function and sleep patterns, for their patient-centred requirements at a new telehealth service research unit at the CHL jointly with the LIH. Wearable sensors will be used to correlate different aspects of these symptoms to clinical indicators and outcomes. The usability, applicability, integration into multidisciplinary care concepts and health-economic efficiency will be analyzed. The sensors will be connected with the PD patients and their healthcare provider by digital patient-data management platform set up in close collaboration with Bioinformatics Core at LCSB, the health-economics and sport rehabilitation experts at LIH, Luxembourg clinical (hospitals, doctors, therapists involved in PD care) and industry partners. The platform will collect real-life data that will be evaluated for its individual predictive nature using machine-learning and artificial intelligence. Ultimately, the scientifically evaluated tele-health service model will be proposed as a new healthcare template for Luxembourg and Europe.
Effective start/end date30/06/2129/06/26


  • FNR - Fonds National de la Recherche: €3,466,716.00


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