Development of a personalised non-invasive diagnosis of endometrial cancer

  • Dittmar, Gunnar (PI)
  • Colas, Eva (CoPI)
  • Casares de Cal, María De Los Angeles (CoPI)
  • Tover, Andres (CoPI)
  • Gultekin, Murat (CoPI)
  • Kilic, Yalin (CoPI)
  • Lanfredi, Guilherme (Partner)

Project Details


Endometrial cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women, and its incidence is increasing. Early detection is crucial since it is directly associated to patient’s survival. So far, no screening methods are available and diagnosis is a multistep process that includes in 80% of cases a minimally-invasive and in 20% of cases additional invasive measures. This inaccurate diagnostic process is a burden on our healthcare system, since it is performed on 7M women a year in EU, who will have an abnormal vaginal bleeding. However, only 10% will have endometrial cancer.
The primary goal of this proposal is to advance the development of a non-invasive diagnostic tool of endometrial cancer using cervical fluid protein biomarkers analyzed by advanced mathematical models. In a previous study we already discovered and verified biomarkers in the cervical fluid. In this proposal, we will validate their potential in a cohort of 500 retrospective patients recruited by five hospitals across Spain and coordinated by Vall Hebron Hospital (VHIR, Spain) and with the top-edge technology on targeted proteomics, led by Prof. Gunnar Dittmar (LIH partner, Luxembourg). Molecular markers will be combined with clinical and pathological data using machine learning techniques thanks to the USC partner (Spain). The most promising biomarker proteins will be transferred to an antibody technology (ELISA and Electrochemical Immunosensors) by an expert SME company in this field: ICOSAGEN (Estonian SME partner) to develop de novo antibodies, and SolarBiotec (Turkey SME partner) to develop electrochemical biosensors and detector interfaces thereof. Through all the project, Dr. Murat Gultekin (HU partner, Turkey) and VHIR will ensure the clinical validation of the developed non-invasive tool and the valorization of the asset to meet stakeholder’s requirements. The resulting tool is a change in the paradigm on how we manage endometrial cancer and will benefit patients, doctors and the health system.
Effective start/end date1/02/2131/01/26


  • FNR - Fonds National de la Recherche: €300,000.00


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