Creation of National Comprehensive Cancer Centres and EU Networking

  • Niclou, Simone (Partner)

Project Details


LIH has been invited by INC to join a Joint Action (JA) in the EU4Health Program, in partnership with INC. This is a health initiative (Towards Comprehensive Cancer Centers) by EU member states, rather than a research mission, where institutions are mandated by the government for participation.
The LIH will contribute to Work Packages mainly with the expertise specified below and emphasizing Luxembourg’s viewpoint.
• Prof Dr Simone Niclou: Expert in cancer research, expert in neuro-oncology, basic & translational cancer research pre-clinical models, omics data, research management.
• Dr Guy Fagherazzi: Expert in digital epidemiology, digital health, digital biomarkers for patient monitoring.
• Dr Claudine Backes: Expert in cancer epidemiology and prevention, clinical research, occupational/environmental health and health policy & management; cancer registry.
• Dr Manon Gantenbein: Expert in clinical research, regulatory and ethical aspects and implementation of translational research programs and disease specific patient cohorts.
Effective start/end date1/10/2230/09/24


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