Coordinating and advancing human biomonitoring in Europe to provide evidence for chemical policy making

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HBM4EU is a joint effort of 28 countries, the European Environment Agency and the European Commission, co-funded under Horizon 2020.
The main aim of the initiative is to coordinate and advance human biomonitoring in Europe. HBM4EU will provide better evidence of the actual exposure of citizens to chemicals and the possible health effects to support policy making.
The HBM4EU initiative represents a novel collaboration between scientists and chemical risk asses-sors and risk managers, including several Commission services, EU agencies and national represent-atives. The project will build bridges between the research and policy worlds and deliver benefits to society in terms of enhanced chemical safety.
The research explores current questions in chemical risk assessment and management and will deliver answers that help policy makers to protect human health. Policy makers, stakeholders and sci-entists together shape the strategic direction of HBM4EU activities. This collaborative approach en-sures that our research will generate new knowledge that addresses genuine societal concerns.
Effective start/end date1/01/1930/06/22


  • European Commission: €68,994.00


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