Connecting European Cohorts to Increase Common and Effective Response to SARS-COV-2 Pandemic

  • Krüger, Rejko (PI)
  • Tacconelli, Evelina (PI)
  • Viale, Pier Luigi (PI)
  • Bologna, University (PI)
  • Mentré, France (PI)
  • Meyer, Laurence (PI)
  • Bajos, Nathalie (PI)
  • Abel, Laurent (PI)
  • Espérou, Hélène (PI)
  • Baño, Jesús Rodríguez (PI)
  • Bassini, Sanzio (PI)
  • Duval, Xavier (PI)
  • Ghosn, Jade (PI)
  • Moro, Maria Luisa (PI)
  • Sicuri, Elisa (PI)
  • Hoelscher, Michael (PI)
  • Malhotra-Kumar, Surbhi (PI)
  • Kumar-Singh, Samir (PI)
  • Peters, Annette (PI)
  • Theis, Fabian J. (PI)
  • Hasenauer, Jan (PI)
  • Vehreschild, Jörg Janne (PI)
  • Ntoumi, Francine (PI)
  • Koller, Bastian (PI)
  • Agnandji, Selidji Todagbe (PI)
  • Fabiánová, Eleonóra (PI)
  • Thun, Sylvia (PI)
  • Friedrich, Alex (PI)
  • Dintrans, Boris (PI)
  • de Almeida, Sara Isabel Mateus (PI)
  • Tardon, Adonina (PI)
  • Hara, Gabriel Levy (PI)
  • Mates, Dana (PI)
  • Jaenisch, Thomas (PI)
  • Bhatnagar, Shinjini (PI)
  • Mouli Natchu, Uma Chandra (PI)

Project Details


The vision of ORCHESTRA is to efficiently generate rigorous evidence to improve the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and to rapidly provide a structured platform to test vaccine as soon as available. This is facilitated by a pan-European population-based cohort linked with international stakeholders and non–European population-based cohorts constituting a unique database of aggregated data of a hundred thousand individuals. ORCHESTRA, through the coordination of national or regional research efforts, will provide the basis for performing large scale analyses of already available data and to lay the basis for homogeneous, coordinated, and prospective data collection. This will allow, with no further delay, to analyze the lessons learned from the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and improve preparedness in the future in case of a second wave or if confronted with similar events. ORCHESTRA will be working since the beginning of funding period on a sustainability planfor the network and the platform. Several of the principal investigators of ORCHESTRA are involved in major international efforts to combat emerging diseases and in steering committee of major research founders and stakeholders.
Effective start/end date1/12/201/12/23


  • European Commission: €27,887,638.18


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