Accelerate innovation and value CreaTiOn from Research project

  • Nehrbass, Ulf (PI)

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    ACTOR aims to accelerate innovation and value creation from research projects developed in the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), a public research center active in the field of clinically-oriented biomedical research and population health. It reflects the commitments of LIH regarding the impact of its research activities beyond the scientific arena, with the objective to address efficiently health and medical needs while nurturing economic growth and societal progress in Luxembourg and abroad. Designed on an internal analysis of LIH’s main achievements in Knowledge Transfer (KT) as monitored in the last 5 years, this project is carried by the Research & Knowledge Transfer Office (RKTO) to mobilize and empower LIH’s researchers to fully embed the KT process into their
    research projects and become key actors of the biomedical Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) ecosystem at the local and international levels. ACTOR will focus on two major complementary objectives: (1) To develop a
    methodology and an innovative decision-making support tool to help researchers in identifying and assessing the potential of their research projects for economic and societal value creation through dedicated KT options; (2) To
    develop an “Impact the Actor” Lecture Series to help researchers in understanding and taking full advantage of open innovation models in the pharma/biotech industry to generate economic impact from their research projects
    while building their entrepreneurial spirit. Organised as a pilot implementation program within the Department of Infection & Immunity as a first target, ACTOR will pave the way to a tight integration of the KT agenda into the main strategy of LIH and its Research Departments. Its positive evaluation at the end of the two-year period will allow LIH’s RKTO team to request a third year of funding to FNR to prepare the ground for a sustainable scale-up and exploitation of ACTOR’s tools at the level of the whole LIH organisation. This project will ultimately contribute to the building of an inclusive institutional culture of innovation in LIH, able to act as a catalyst in the biomedical research community in Luxembourg.
    Effective start/end date19/09/1618/09/18


    • FNR - Fonds National de la Recherche: €177,400.00


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