A national research framework to disentangle key unanswered questions related to COVID-19, Vaccination & Long term health consequences of COVID-19 in Luxembourg

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We aim to launch a coordinated effort at the national level to mechanistically answer the main unsolved questions related to COVID-19 and its consequences, using an interdisciplinary approach (biology, immunology, epidemiology, digital health, social sciences, public health, data science).
This will help to understand critical aspects of the pandemic and would support decision-making in the developments still lying ahead.
The proposed plan intends to consolidate data from 3 complementary dimensions:
1. The analysis of medico-administrative data alongside a representative, repeated national population-based survey to gauge the impact on public health and socioeconomic inequalities
2. Expanding ongoing studies (mainly Predi-COVID & Con-Vince/Orchestra)
3. A registry and digital follow-up of patients enrolled in Long-COVID consultations.

Effective start/end date1/12/2130/11/24


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