8-th European Conference on Injury prevention and safety promotion Main theme: Research for enhancing impact of strategies and actions

  • Huiart, Laetitia (PI)
  • Bejko, Dritan (CoPI)

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Injuries are a major public health problem imposing a considerable burden on individuals, families and societies,and, not the least, on health care systems in the entire European region. Injury prevention and safety promotion is a slowly maturing area of concern and action. Through the series of European Conferences on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (EU-Safety Conferences) the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (EuroSafe) wants to promote better sharing of resources, better policies, focused action in injury prevention.
The 8th EU Safety Conference organised by the EuroSafe and Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) will focus on“Research for enhancing impact of strategies and actions”. The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to injury prevention and safety promotion, such as injury surveillance and research methods; intervention design,monitoring and evaluation, child and adolescent safety, prevention of falls in older people, home and leisure safety,consumer safety, road safety etc. The conference is expected to provide ample opportunities for cross-cutting communications between sectors and disciplines to address issues such as: translating research into practice and policy; injury related socio-economic inequities; ageing societies; technological developments; social marketing;alcohol, fatigue and distraction. The conference will bring together people with a professional interest in injury research, prevention policies and safety promotion.
The conference offers plenary sessions summarizing state-of-the-art knowledge delivered by invited experts as well as oral and pitch presentations of unpublished, newest, original and high level research, moderated by senior and junior researchers and leaders in the topic. The Call for Abstracts has been sent out in November 2018 to a wide range of target groups, including the 2.500 contacts in the EuroSafe mail list, WHO-Europe Violence and Injury Prevention network, and to the LIH networks. Abstracts for short paper presentations can be submitted on the website of the conference. The keynote speakers, the moderators, the oral and pitch presentations are selected by the members of the scientific program committee. Participants can register to the conference on the web site. To further stimulate the involvement of young researchers it is planed to offer scholarships to applicants that are based in the WHO-European Region. At the national level the conference would offer the stage for the official launch of a national platform for injury prevention and safety promotion.
AcronymEU-Safety 2019
Effective start/end date18/09/184/10/19


  • FNR - Fonds National de la Recherche: €35,000.00


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