4th Lecture Series in Cancer Research

  • Niclou, Simone (PI)
  • Bjerkvig, Rolf (CoPI)
  • Behrmann, Iris (CoPI)

Project Details


Cancer represents a tremendous societal burden that is projected to increase over the next decades, as the population ages. Therefore, to control cancer represents a challenge for national health care services and for research investment. High quality training of young scientists and medical staff in cancer research is a prerequisite if we want to inspire new strategies to fight cancer, including better diagnosis, prognosis or treatment. This Lecture Series will ideally complement the CANBIO DTU by providing state-of-the-art lectures in cancer biology covering molecular mechanisms of tumour progression, recurrence, biomarker discovery, therapeutic applications in pre-clinical disease models, as well as building computational disease models to facilitate innovative translational research.
This is our 4th application for a high profile Lecture Series in Cancer Research, previously supported by FNR in 2014-2018. Over the years, we have established a regular high quality scientific event assembling cancer researchers in Luxembourg from different institutions. With this application we aim to continue our series in 2019-2020 and importantly, provide key lectures, network and career development opportunities to the PhD students from our PRIDE project (CANBIO), a joint initiative of the Luxembourg Institute of Health and the Life Science Department of the University of Luxembourg. In view of the research focus of CANBIO, the present Lecture Series will focus on the key topics addressed in CANBIO, namely intrinsic and induced escape mechanisms of cancer. By bringing together researchers of all levels, faculty, PhD students and other interested local stakeholders from public or private institutions and disciplines, such an activity will also foster community building within cancer research in Luxembourg.
Effective start/end date15/11/1814/11/21


  • FNR - Fonds National de la Recherche: €24,000.00


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