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  • 2021

    Biomarkers for detection of lung cancer

    El Khoury, V. (Inventor), Schritz, A. (Inventor), Kim, Y. J. (Inventor), Berchem, G. (Inventor), Paulovich, A. G. (Inventor), Whiteaker, J. R. (Inventor), Petritis, K. (Inventor) & Pirrotte, P. (Inventor), 4 Nov 2021, IPC No. WO 2021/219696

    Research output: Patent

    Open Access
  • 2019

    Markers for endometrial cancer

    Martinez Garcia, E. (Inventor), Colas, E. (Inventor), Gil-Moreno, A. (Inventor), Reventos, J. (Inventor), Domon, B. (Inventor), Lesur, A. (Inventor) & Campoy, I. (Inventor), 24 Jan 2019, IPC No. WO 2019/016400

    Research output: Patent

  • 2017

    Bladder cancer biomarker proteins

    Garin, J. (Inventor), Masselon, C. (Inventor), Vlahou, A. (Inventor), Domon, B. (Inventor), Duriez, E. (Inventor), Radvanyi, F. (Inventor), Allory, Y. (Inventor), Marquez Cid, N. (Inventor), Mirari Court, M. (Inventor), Malatas, R. (Inventor), Kamoun, A. (Inventor), Makrydakis, M. (Inventor) & Zoidakis, I. (Inventor), 29 Jun 2017, IPC No. WO 2017/109171

    Research output: Patent

  • MMP9 as marker of endometrial cancer

    Colas, E. (Inventor), Reventos, J. (Inventor), Martinez Garcia, E. (Inventor), Domon, B. (Inventor) & Lesur, A. (Inventor), 9 Nov 2017, IPC No. WO 2017/190896

    Research output: Patent