Pre-Clinical MRI

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    We operate a 3T, 17cm horizontal bore, preclinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system from the company MR Solutions, suitable for rodents and small animals imaging. It is installed in the Animal Facility of the LIH BAM building in Luxembourg. The facility is classified Specific Pathogen Free (SPF), providing the possibility to host immuno-competent as well as immuno-deficient animals.

    The system is equipped with beds for rats & mice, and volumetric quadrature coils for head and body imaging. Animal handling equipment include anesthesia supply (isoflurane), a temperature control unit & a physiological parameters monitoring application.

    Standard protocols and pulse sequences for anatomical and physiological imaging (perfusion, diffusion) are available, including 2D/3D FSE, FLASH, DCE/DSC, FLAIR, DWI/DTI, GE, EPI, TOF. New protocols & pulse sequences are regularly added to respond to the needs of platform users.

    Acquisition of images is typically done using a friendly user interface (Preclinical Scan), similar to consoles used in the clinic. For experienced users who need access to more specialized parameters & pulse sequences, a more advanced application (Power Scan) is also available.


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